Eric Mok

New York City   |   (646) 300-0828   |   |


B.S. in Computer Science, May 2012 - Stony Brook University


Code: Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Node, Python, Django, React

Tools: Git, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Browserify, Mocha, LESS, Docker, Bootstrap, Linux, Ubuntu


IT and Office Assistant  -  Glopack, Inc, New York, NY  -  Dec 2015 - 2019

Web Developer / eCommerce Operator  -  Anzor Jewelry Corp, New York, NY  -  June 2012 - 2018

Web Developer  -  Earring King Jewelry, New York, NY  -  June 2012 - 2013


Reinforcement Learning Toy  - March 2020 - May 2020

Implemented simulations of reinforcement learning algorithms using Kotlin and React.

Android Game  -  October 2014 - April 2020

Wrote a Java game engine from scratch that runs on Android. Custom multi-threaded architecture, entity-component framework, physics engine, and graphics pipeline. Optimized heap performance.

Neural Network  -  September 2014 - October 2016

Wrote feedforward neural network implementation in Javascript and later changed to Typescript.

Additional Projects

React Practice  -  January 2018

Practice projects following an online React course.

Shadow Classes  -  March 2015

Toy concept for dynamically injecting template blocks as shadow dom by matching classes.

Pitchwheel  -  January 2015 - February 2015

Visualizer for musical chord constellations using Polymer web components.

Libsvm  -  February 2014

Toy app showing support vector machine classifier with AJAX and Django backend with libsvm library.

Blog With Post Diffing and Recursive Commenting  -  December 2013 - May 2014

Experiment with AngularJS, Django Rest Framework. Used Python's Natural Language Processing Toolkit to diff posts by their sentences and make each sentence commentable by another post.